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 Since 1978

Our father, Stelios Karamanis, born in the small Greek village of Armolia, on the island of Chios, is the epitome of the American dream.  He emigrated to New Jersey in the mid 70s for a better education and opportunities.  While attending Kean College, he worked part time and saved enough money to buy a small fish market in Irvington, NJ.  The space started as a retail location catering to the local community and Steve (his americanized name) saw an opportunity to expand into the wholesale market, distributing to hundreds of diners, restaurants, catering facilities and more.  The headquarters has since moved to Roselle, NJ to serve the high demand of the exceptional quality seafood and service Pacific Fish Market offers.

In the early 2000's, his son Michael decided to join the business, helping to update his father's "old school" ways!  Since then they added to the family business by opening a critically acclaimed restaurant, P.F. Market to share with locals their love, knowledge and quality of fish.  Fran Schumer of the New York Times wrote about them that "After 35 Years They Know Their Fish"!  Since then, Michael has decided to share this knowledge by now offering a retail menu available to pick up or home delivery.  The family also is sharing their love for their mother country via Hellenic Farms (, purveyors of the finest Greek gourmet.

Eat Fish, Live Longer.  Eat Salmon, Look Younger.  Eat Oysters, Love Longer.

Vintage Fishermen
Fisherman and Fish
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