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How do I store my seafood?
Once your order box arrives, open it up and inspect your seafood. The contents should be cool to the touch.
Fresh fish should be placed in the refrigerator. If you do not intend to use the fish within a day or two, you can freeze your fish for later use.
Live shellfish and crustaceans including oysters, clams and mussels should be placed on a baking tray or bowl, covered with a damp cloth and placed in your refrigerator.

Are whole fish cleaned before shipping?
Yes, all whole fish are gutted, descaled, and dressed (side and top fins are removed) before being shipped, unless specified otherwise.

I am looking for a specific product, but do not see it on the site. Can you get it?
If you do not see something you are looking for, please contact us at 908-241-8400. If it is available in the market, we will try to add it to your order.

Why are some products not available at times?
Occasionally, you will find one of our fresh, delicious and healthy seafood selections out of stock or out of season. Sometimes the fish simply aren’t biting! Weather can also greatly impact availability.

Is your fish wild or farmed?
We source the best, freshest fish in the world. Every product page clearly specifies if the product is wild or farmed in the product description.


Sushi is a simple food with complex flavor and devotees that span the globe. But, what is sushi and how can you purchase seafood that may be eaten raw?

"Sushi" or "sashimi-grade" are common terms used to identify seafood considered “ready to be eaten raw”. However, there is no official, regulated standard for these terms. But, many seafood lovers prefer the delicate textures and flavors of raw seafood found in sushi and sashimi dishes. So how can you enjoy sushi with less risk?

Considerations for Choosing Raw Seafood
The FDA cautions against consuming seafood raw, as it can harbor parasites, bacteria, and viruses that could potentially make consumers sick. According to the FDA, superfreezing seafood in a commercial sub-zero storage freezer helps ensure parasites are destroyed, and that is required for many species of seafood to be consumed raw.

Buy your seafood from a trusted source. All of our seafood is chef-selected for quality and freshness, but it is not all suitable to be eaten raw without further preparation.

Consuming raw or undercooked seafood or shellfish may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.


Can I add to an order I’ve already placed? 

Yes, call us and we will do our best to accomodate you. Items can be added to your order until the midnight order cut-off the day before they go out for delivery or to a pickup location.  

Can I make changes to my order? 

ALL orders are final sales. If you need to make ANY changes to the content of the order, pick up location, or delivery day/method, this must be done the night before. To request a change: email and please be sure to reference your order number. Once orders are packed, we cannot make any additional changes. 

Do you ship nationally? 

We currently delivery only within certain areas of NJ and are working on expanding our territory.  Curbside pick up is available to all.

When will my order arrive? 

You will receive your order on your scheduled delivery day, usually between 10 AM and 3 PM. 

What if there is a problem with my order?

If the product arrives damaged, or if you have any other issues with your order, please contact us immediately at 908-241-8400 or Save all boxes and packing materials and keep the product refrigerated if appropriate. Photos would be helpful in resolving any problems. We will work with you until you are 100% satisfied.

 How much fish or seafood should I buy?

We recommend the following:

Whole Fish - 3/4 to 1 lbs of raw fish per person.
Fillets and Steaks - 8-10 ounces raw weight per person.
Seafood - 8-10 ounces per person.
Cooked Mussels and Clams - 3-6 pieces for appetizer or 8-12 pieces as main course.
Raw Oysters and Clams - 6 or 12 pieces as an appetizer.
Shrimp - 3 pieces for appetizer or 6 as main course.

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